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  Title: Deer Beer
Feb 16, 2008 - 1:11 pm
Posted By: 6apa6a

Jelen Pivo (Deer Beer, Jelen, serb. = Deer), a Serbian core lager market leader, is a very strong and recognizable national brand, becoming the part of national tradition. Being recognizable as a beer for male company, Jelen Pivo is equally popular among all social groups. Jelen Pivo is a symbol of masculinity, strength and power.

As one of the most popular national brands, Jelen Pivo has been establishing strong relations with its consumers for years, offering only the best: starting from the quality and service up to intensive engagement in enriching cultural and sport life in Serbia. Thanks to its high-quality, tradition, attention devoted to its loyal consumers, Jelen Pivo remains a market leader amongst many other national and international brands.

Bottle of Jelen Pivo


Apatinska Pivara brewery celebrated 250 years of experience and tradition in brewing top-quality beer in 2006. Centuries of knowledge and experience are woven in with the contemporary technologies in leading core lager brand production? Jelen Pivo, both on our market and in the Balkans. A national market leader, Jelen Pivo launched its successful campaign on international markets, too. It is mainly focused on the markets of neighboring countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina (there being a market leader as well), Macedonia, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, and remote Australia.

Even though competition on the Serbian market has become increasingly keen due to beer industry privatization, Jelen Pivo stands out for its stabile production growth, meeting the market demands among many other national brands, justifying the epithet of being the most popular core lager brand in Serbia. Based on the latest production and sales figures, Jelen Pivo proved to be a market leader on the national beer market.


Not only is Jelen Pivo a leading core lager brand of Apatinska Pivara brewery, but also an absolute market leader in Serbia as well. Brewed from the finest ingredients, this beer has been refreshing for decades generations of beer-drinkers due to its taste and pleasant bitterness both in the country and abroad. Many prizes awarded to Jelen Pivo by the expert public and leading economic institutions on numerous national and international fairs speak volumes about the results achieved on the market and top-quality of Jelen Pivo. In 1999 Jelen Pivo won a gold medal and a diploma for geographic origin label on a fair Brussels Eureka ? World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies. From 1999 up to 2005 Jelen Pivo was winning gold medals at the Monde Selection. Jelen Pivo won the International Monde Selection High Quality Trophy in 2004. This trophy is awarded to brands that have won gold medals during three consecutive years.

At the very beginning of the last year?s Football World Cup, a German magazine Stern organized the Beer Mundial with Jelen Pivo as first runner up. Due to a one-goal difference Czech beer Budvar beat Jelen Pivo in that alternative Mundial final. Stern journalists organized that beer tournament so that every country whose national team took part in the World Cup had a beer brand representative, too, while the basic groups were classified in line with the World Cup match schedule. Jelen Pivo was Serbia?s representative. Journalists who tasted the beer, assisted by Austrian wine expert, a journalist, Conrad Sajdl, were pleasantly surprised that Jelen Pivo beat the Dutch Heineken in its group with the result 6:1. Firstly, journalists assessed beer in terms of taste, without knowing the beer brand. Only after getting the final result, were the brands of the winning beers disclosed. ?Only in the final did the winning campaign of Serbian Jelen Pivo cease?, stated ?Mlada fronta Dnes? pointing out that Czech ?Budvar? managed to win with only one goal difference. Once again, Jelen Pivo proved its top-quality. Apart from expert public awards, this brand enjoys the privilege of being strongly connected to its faithful consumers who recognized its genuine value and quality, perceiving Jelen Pivo as a loyal companion during big sport and music events.

Not many beers has it own trafic sign... This one say: Drive under influence of Deer Beer (Jelen Pivo)


There is an old bell on one of the gates of Apatinska Pivara brewery, an item obviously opposed to sophisticated state-of-art technology. A long time ago that bell chimed every day five minutes before the workers started working and at exactly 2 o?clock p.m., announcing the end of a working day. That only illustrates the manner in which the work in Apatinska pivara brewery was organized from the very beginning. Apatinska pivara brewery celebrated 250 years of its existence in 2006.

The beginning of brewing in the town on the bank of the river Danube is related to migrants coming from the territory of today?s Austria and Germany whom the Austro-Hungarian queen Maria Theresa populated in this area in 1748. The first written documents in Vienna on production of 12 thousand hectoliters of beer in Apatin date from 1756. That amount is today produced in one day only, while the annual capacity of Apatinska pivara brewery amounts to 4.5 million hectoliters.


Thanks to the improved brewing process, its intensive control from the very beginning up to launching the product on the market and usage of the finest ingredients: water, malt, hop and ale yeast, Jelen Pivo is of finest quality. You can find Jelen Pivo on the market in several different packaging solutions: 330 mL and 500 mL return-bottles, Q-pack bottles of 1 L, 1.5 L and 2 L, 330 mL plastic packaging, half-liter can, 6 x 330 mL packaging, 5 x 330 mL plastic packaging with a free glass ? an exclusive promotional packaging Apatinska pivara brewery launched on the market on the occasion of celebration of 250th birthday. Jelen Pivo is available on the market in 30L and 50 L burrels, as well.

Apart from regular beer bottles and cans, Apatinska pivara brewery successfully launched Jelen Pivo in Q-pack packaging on the market last year. Owing to Q-pack packaging, Jelen Pivo can preserve the same freshness and taste regardless the duration of consumption, only confirming this packaging prolongs the expiery date of the beer and is of the same quality as beer in glass bottles. Due to successful launch of Jelen Pivo in 1L and 2L Q-pack packaging, Apatinska pivara brewery managed to update Jelen Pivo and preserve its unique taste.

The latest trends

Since 2003, InBev, the world?s largest beer company, has been the majority stakeholder in Apatinska pivara. When some three years ago InBev company became majority stakeholder in Apatinska pivara brewery, the best was combined: local craft and expertise on one side and successful global practice on the other side. For the last three years more than EUR 100 million has been invested in Apatinska pivara brewery, incuding modernization of brewery and works, improved product quality as well as services, investments in infrastructure and brands development, with special accent on Jelen Pivo being a market leader and a recognisable national brand.


Apatinska pivara brewery as a big company and one of the most important economic stakeholders in Serbia, pays full attention to corporative responsibility towards environment and overall Serbian economy. Jelen Pivo as company?s leading core lager brand has already been well-known to the public due to its active social role which includes support to numerous sport and music events.

Within the field of sport Jelen Pivo is completely dedicated to secondary but the most important thing in the world ? football. On the occasion of the World Cup, Jelen Pivo organized big contest for its consumers, while the luckiest among them had the opprtunity to travel to Germany, where the Mundial was held.

Wanting to be fully devoted to all football fans, Jelen Pivo and Apatinska pivara brewery prepared one additional big surprise: the first specialized national football web portal where you can find all foodball news. Apart from every day news on our national football league as well as on the most important European football leagues, you can find updated information on all qualifying matches for European Cup and other football news on jelenfootball.com portal.

In 2006 Jelen Pivo organized a five-a-side football tournament ?Jelen Pivo Futsal Cup?. In the first year that tournament was organized in the territory of Vojvodina, aiming at being further on expanded to all other Serbian regions, and even beyond Serbian borders.

Being oriented towards support to top-level football, Jelen Pivo has been a partner of Serbian most successful football club ? Crvena Zvezda, for more than 10 years.

Jelen pivo is an exclusive beer of the biggest reality show in Serbia ? the Big Brother that drew big attention of the audience in its first season.

Apart from top-level sport, above all football, Jelen Pivo is an organizer and main sponsor of the biggest music events in the country. The most famous is national Brass Bands Music Festival in Guca, which has become national trademark Serbia is famous for not only in the region but in the whole Europe. It?s impossible to imagine the Festival in Guca without Jelen Pivo. Jelen Pivo has been a leading sponsor of the movie ?Guca?, as well.

In 2006 Jelen Pivo organized big music festival ?Jelen Pivo LIVE?, with the most popular bands performing. Jelen Pivo is indispensable when already well-known Beer Fest is in question, winning excellent results and best beer prizes for 4 years in a row.

Through numerous activities and an active social engagement, Jelen Pivo proved to be within hand?s reach of all its loyal consumers each time they are having good fun.

The best way to keep your beer


At the Beer Mondial organized by German Stern Magazine at the very beginning of 2006 World Cup, Jelen Pivo was first runner up, thus beating among others the Dutch Heineken with the result 6:1.

At the Belgrade Beer Fest in 2005, Jelen Pivo won the title of the ?best beer?.
jelenfootball.com forum gathers from day to day growing number of members, while the contest ? Jelen Football Manager gathers hundreds of ?football selectors?, who have the opportunity to read and make comments on ?Blaza B(L)OG?.

People from Czech Republic and Germany drink the biggest amounts of beer, approximately 155 liters and 138 liters, respecitvely. The beer consumption in Serbia amounts to 80 liters annually per capita. On average 27 liters of Jelen Pivo are drunk annually per capita.

It is said that drinking beer (moderate amounts of beer) makes people smarter.

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